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Comfortable Home Additions and Exciting New Spaces

Say goodbye to your cramped living spaces and hello to an upgraded home that meets all of your needs. Making additions such as outdoor patios or decks, extra bedrooms, and a family room for growing families – even in-law suites can transform any abode into one with more square footage. Creating these new spaces adds resale value too. Our experienced general contractors have helped numerous homeowners throughout Cape Cod realize their dream homes through remodeling projects and are ready to help you do the same.

Upgrade the Home of Your Dreams – One Tailored to Fit Your Lifestyle

Transform your home into a haven of relaxation – an escape from the bustle and stress of everyday life. Create attractive, practical living areas that represent your and your family’s lifestyle with more space for everyone to enjoy. Whether it is another bedroom, office or studio, hiring experienced designers who understand your project is key to adding the perfect room addition for extra comfort. Check out our new spaces gallery featuring some inspiring projects we’ve completed before.

Check Out Our Top-notch Process for Creating New and Improved Additions

Transform your living space into something extraordinary! Our experienced designers and re-modelers are here to ensure you’ll love your home additions or new spaces. From start to finish, we strive for a smooth process so you can enjoy the amazing results of your remodeling project quickly and stress-free.
Remodeling your home should be an exciting experience. We guide you through a five-step process designed to ensure the transformation of your space is seamless. Your journey begins with exploring all possibilities—gathering information about us and what we offer so that when it comes time for design, every detail fits exactly how you imagined. Our expert team will create a specialized model tailored specifically for your renovation project before taking you on a tour of our showroom, where unique styles and materials await selection.
After the perfect design is chosen, our team takes it from there. We ensure all paperwork, building codes, and plans are in order before bringing on contractors to bring your vision alive! After everything checks out, we’ll deliver a proposal for approval. Once given the green light, construction will be underway immediately.
Our team is here to ensure that your home remodeling project meets your expectations and leaves you feeling taken care of. From start to finish, the superintendent assigned to manage your additional living space project will be there for any questions or concerns. Once it’s finished and everything looks perfect – sit back, relax and soak in the extra space of your new living space.

Transform Your Home with Our Home Additions & New Space Services

Revolutionize your Living Space with a Home Restructuring

Home restructuring can help you make the most of your tiny house, transforming it into a complete dream space. Whether you’re looking to add an open floor plan, dining room, or even build upwards with a brand new second-story addition with windows that provides natural light and fresh air, there are endless possibilities for customizing. You could remove walls and create larger rooms while also increasing storage – what better way to upgrade your existing home?
Our team will collaborate with you to pinpoint any adjustments needed, whether for a growing family or just personal style preferences. Then our experienced designers and contractors can construct a brand-new plan tailored specifically toward those requests – transforming any starter property into an unbeatable forever home in no time.

Stunning Room Additions

Room additions can help your home become a beautiful and vibrant place to grow with your family. Whether you need extra bedrooms, second-floor addition, bathrooms or an office for working from home – there are plenty of options! For those looking for something luxurious, consider adding a larger master suite with its own bathroom, perfect for aging parents or even expecting families.

Outdoor Living

Bring the outdoors in with a stunning patio, deck, sunroom or porch designed. At BMW, we help you transform your backyard into a retreat where you can entertain guests and host unforgettable barbecues – all while enjoying some peace of mind that no detail has been overlooked. Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen perfect for grilling something special or just somewhere to appreciate nature over morning coffee, there’s sure to be something suited to everyone here.

Home Additions Cost and What Factors Affect It

Many factors will contribute to the cost when planning a home addition or new space. Each element can add up quickly, from project size and materials to plumbing and electrical upgrades. Our helpful pricing guide is designed with homeowners in mind so they can get an idea of what budget may be necessary for their additions and new spaces.

BMW is Honored To Serve Cape Cod

At BMW, we understand that your home is a reflection of you and the life you live. That’s why our award-winning team in the Cape Cod area specializes in transforming existing space into beautiful heaven tailored to bring joy to every family member. Be sure your project will always receive the highest quality craftsmanship achievable—backed by an award-winning home remodeling and accessory dwelling unit company.
So whether you want to transform your home with a main floor expansion or upgrade the exterior of your home with a charming detached garage to help add square footage. Let’s help you add space to your home’s square footage that won’t break the bank.